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9 1/2" Bisque figurine of a girl with muff.  Made by Gebruder Heubach, Germany. Stamped in red: Made in Germany, incised GH and sunburst mark.  Circa 1910

3" Tall (when sitting) German bisque figure of a mischievous little boy, nude except for socks and shoes! Marked: P49.  Circa 1910 $250.00
3 1/2" Tall (in sitting down position) All bisque antique German Piano Baby figurine. Of a little boy, with painted features, molded night clothes, and molded top hat.  Unmarked, probably by Hertwig and Company. Circa 1900 $150.00
4" Tall, and 4 1/2" long.  Antique German porcelain china figure, of a pig in a bucket "bath" holding a smaller pig and feeding a bottle and with a toy lamb on a shelf. Tub incised: Made in Germany. The saying on the side of the tub reads: " Was not happy until he got it". Circa 1890 $195.00
7" Tall, in sitting position action Kewpie plaster figurine, designed by Rose O'Neill.. She has painted features, and there is a round metal tag embedded into the base that reads: Patented 1913 Copyrighted. Excellent condition. Circa 1913 $195.00
3" Antique German china "potty" girl. Unmarked. She has black molded hair, crudely painted  features, and is wearing a molded nightdress with orange and green decoration. Circa 1870 $95.00
6" Antique bisque pair of boy, and girl figurines. The girl is cradling her doll. Unmarked, the girl has a small chip on the brim of her bonnet. Circa 1880's $75.00
3 1/4" Long, reclining antique German bathing beauty all bisque figure, marked: 5484 on the back of her leg. She has painted features, painted hair, blue bathing slippers, and is wearing a yellow/gold textured painted bathing suit, with blue straps. (Some texturing is gone). Probably made by Hertwig, and Co. Circa 1920's $175.00
03sno.jpg (17182 bytes) 3" Antique German action "snow figure", with original wooden skiis, and pole. Marked: 9470 on his back, he has molded, lightly painted features, molded hat with snow texture, and molded sweater with snow texture. Circa 1920's $225.00

bystat.jpg (63687 bytes) 15" German bisque Victorian figure of a man, marked: 3465 on the back. He has painted features, and gold accents. $125.00

11poci.jpg (10833 bytes) 3" Brown haired "potty" figure. She has painted features, and molded clothing, and of course, sits on her "potty". Circa 1860 $85.00

11wee.jpg (11504 bytes) 3" China "potty" child, with painted face, and body. She has molded clothing, and bonnet with blue trim. Circa 1870 $110.00

wbrca.jpg (19970 bytes) 2 3/4" Tall, and 3 1/2" wide, German china figure, of two bears, sitting in front of a suitcase. Marked: Souvenir of Atlantic City, and Germany. $250.00

wmel.jpg (60534 bytes) 7" Bisque figure, of a little boy eating watermelon, and sitting on a "potty". Marked: Made in Germany (red stamp) on the base. He is fired bisque, with painted, molded features, and clothing. $450.00

3figg.jpg (73701 bytes) 12 1/2" Antique German bisque figurine of a young lady, with intaglio eyes. Done in pastel colors, she holds a book, basket of flowers, and has a hollow base, with 89 incised on the inside. Circa 1900 $375.00

sbear.jpg (11314 bytes) 2 1/2" Bisque Snow Bear, with painted features, unmarked. Probably German manufacture. He is glued to a wooden base ( by his original family) which was a great idea, because he won't fall over! Circa 1920 $125.00

fig1a-th.jpg (46291 bytes)
fig1b-th.jpg (22762 bytes)

Early china figurine of three ladies having "tea" titled "The Welsh Tea Party" Marked on the bottom, stamped in blue made in Germany. Also incised with numbers, and letters. The height is 4", base 3 ½ x 2".There is some mold roughness, and wear to colors.


fig4a-th.jpg (27994 bytes) 11 ½" Young lady figurine by Gerbruder Heubach. Incised sunburst on her base. She is delicately painted in shade of green, sith gold highlights. Dressed inn her bathing outfit, with waves lapping at her feet there is some roughness to the base edge. German, C. 1905


Click on the link above to view the Antique Dolls in each category.

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