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Parian Dolls
Parian Dolls

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16 1/2" Parian doll, unmarked, but probably made by Alt, Beck, and Gottschalck.  She has molded blonde hair, painted blue eyes, and closed mouth, on her original antique cloth body, with sewn on leather boots, and blue and white cloth patterned stockings. (replaced leather arms) She is wearing a newer dress, lovingly made by her previous family.  Circa 1870 $495.00
11 1/2" Antique German blonde bisque shoulderhead doll, marked: 136 2/0. She has painted blue eyes, and molded curly blonde hair. On a white leather body, with well-molded lower bisque arms and hands. She is wearing her original colorful antique cotton "walking suit". Circa 1890 $250.00
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24 ½" "Parian", bisque shoulder plate marked "24.", cloth body, bisque lower arms (right thumb off) and bisque lower legs with black heeled boots. Elaborate blonde upswept hairdo with blue headband. She has painted blue eyes, closed mouth and exposed pierced ears (roughness along left edge of ear). Her antique body has been recovered with cloth for stability. Her pink silk and black velvet dress was made for her by her previous owner, and the style suits her nicely. German C. 1870's.


Click on the link above to view the Antique Dolls in each category.

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