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Antique Doll Dresses
Antique Doll Dresses

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Antique red and white calico doll dress, with blue and white Greek key design trim, and faux pockets. Made circa 1860, for a fashionable doll to wear as a morning wrapper. All hand-stitched, The dress is 13" long in front, and slightly longer in back, with fitted darts in back, and loose opening in front ( no fasteners) The dress measures 5 1/4" from shoulder to shoulder and 5" for the length of the arm. $125.00

13" Long antique tones of deep yellow silk flower print dress, with lace trim at collar and cuffs, and tucks along the bodice. The waist measures 10" around, and 5" from shoulder to shoulder and 6" sleeve length. $95.00
5 1/4" Long in front, (to a 6 3/4" train in back) Antique pink pique cotton dress, with lace trim, and embellished with feather stitched accents around the neck, waist, hem, and sleeves. The dress has a   5" waist,  measures 2" from shoulder to shoulder, and sleeve is 1 1/2" long. Perfect for a china, or small paper mache. Circa 1870 $150.00
rdrse.jpg (41193 bytes) Antique cotton calico dress, with pockets on either side. The dress is 10" long, has a 4" long wide sleeve, 8" waist, and measures 3 1/2" from shoulder to shoulder. Circa 1890 $125.00

blou.jpg (81966 bytes) White cotton doll blouse, with blue silk ribbon trim, and lace around the back of the neck. Would fit a composition jointed body antique doll, the blouse measures 3 3/4" from shoulder to shoulder, with an 11" waist, and 2 3/4" sleeve length. All handstitched, there is some shattering to the blue silk. Circa 1890's $55.00

Yellow dress of polished cotton, with a loose waist,14" long, and 5" from shoulder to shoulder. The dress has some brown stains on the back, and some fading to the color in front. For use on a German bisque, or cloth doll. Circa 1890 $125.00

Blue silk shirtwaist dress, 10 1/2" long, 3 1/2" shoulder to shoulder, with a 7 1/2" waist. There is white silk insert on the bodice, (some damage to the white silk) and white trim along the wrists. Circa 1890 $120.00

Click on the link above to view the Doll Clothing in each category.

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