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Hard Plastic Dolls
Hard Plastic Dolls

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16" Vintage hard plastic Terri Lee doll, with painted brown eyes, original brunette wig, and dressed as a Brownie, in her original tagged Terri Lee dress, and matching panties.  (Probably replaced socks and shoes, and no hat) Marked: TERRI LEE on the dolls back.  Circa 1952 $295.00

8" Hard plastic vintage Sandra Sue, designed by Ida H. Wood, and made by Richwood Toys, Inc. Annapolis, Maryland.  She has blue sleep eyes, molded eyelashes, and closed mouth. She is strung, with original blonde hair, and has flat feet, with molded shoes. Dressed in her original long blue taffeta gown, and also comes with an extra dress.  Circa  1952

8" Vintage hard plastic Mindy walker doll, in her original box, that reads:" I'm Mindy, the lovable 8" doll". She has blue sleep eyes, and blonde hair. Mint in her original box, wearing a  ballerina tutu, and gold ballet shoes!  Circa 1955 $125.00
11 1/2" Vintage hard plastic straight leg walker, marked: Pat. Pend. on the back of her neck. She has blue sleep eyes, full upper lashes, and painted lower lashes. She has her original long brunette hair, with molded hair underneath. She is wearing her original blue dress, underwear, and center snap shoes.  Circa 1950's $125.00
8" Ginger doll, by Cosmopolitan. She is a hard plastic straight leg walker, with blue sleep eyes, molded lashes, and original hairdo, done in a flip style, with two side bows. Her original clothing was probably a Valentine Day special outfit. The locket around her neck says " I love you". There is some red staining from her dress on the doll. ( which proves this is her original outfit from day one!) The tagged dress (never washed) reads: Fashions for Ginger, Cosmopolitan Doll & Toy Corp. Yonkers, N.Y. Circa 1955 $275.00
24" Hard plastic Sweet Sue doll, marked: Amer Char Doll on the back of her head. Made by the American Character Doll Co., she has a dark blond wig (original set) blue sleep eyes, with lashes, a closed mouth, and is wearing her original long pink satin gown with rows of tule, and lace decoration. She is a straight leg walker, and works well. Her cheeks have more blush than the photo shows. She was never played with, but was on display for a while, so has some shelf dust. Circa 1955 $175.00
8" Hard plastic straight leg walker Muffie Doll, marked on her back: Storybook Dolls California MUFFIE.  She has dark blue sleep eyes, with molded lashes, and painted lashes, original soft blond hair, in braids, with the original blue ribbons, and rosy cheeks. She is wearing her original yellow taffeta panties. (Any light areas you see on her photo are just a result of a flash camera reflection, and not on the doll.) Circa 1954 $225.00
5nasbi.jpg (69644 bytes) 5 1/2" Hard plastic "Little Bo Peep", Fairyland Series by Nancy Ann Storybook dolls. She has blue sleep eyes, original clothes, and wrist tag, marked # 153.MIB $75.00

lidvc.jpg (34308 bytes) 4 1/2" Hard plastic "Ring Bearer", from the Bridal Series, # 84,by Nancy Ann Storybook dolls. He has Blue sleep eyes, original wrist tag, and pamphlet, MIB. $75.00

30bldf.jpg (81837 bytes) 8" Bent knee walker hard plastic Ginny doll, by Vogue. She has a blonde flip, with bangs, blue sleep eyes, and dark brown eyebrows, with no repaint. There is a slight split on her left shoulder, factory done, not damaged, and her arm does NOT disappear into the body when strung. She is all original, wearing a "Brownie" outfit, tagged, with marked Ginny shoes. There is a small hole on the back of her hat. The white marks you see in the photo are just a flash reflection in the picture, there are no white spots on her. Marked: Vogue Dolls, Inc. Circa 1950's $250.00

colet.jpg (114803 bytes) 8" Hard plastic, non walker, with blue sleep eyes, and painted upper lashes. She is all original named "Collette", by Madame Irene, MIB. Circa 1950's $175.00

davy.jpg (46026 bytes) 7 1/2" Hard plastic Fess Parker as "Davy Crockett, by Fortune Toy Corp., for Walt Disney, MIB. $75.00

8henj.jpg (76484 bytes)
cuopi.jpg (45654 bytes)
8" Heavy, rigid plastic character doll of Henry VIII, by doll artist Peggy Nesbit. Made in England, he is all original, with molded, painted realistic features, and clothing. Marked H/218 on his original paper wrist tag.

27jill.jpg (47699 bytes) 10" Hard plastic "Jill" doll, Ginny's sister, marked :Vogue Dolls, Inc. Made in USA 1957 on her back. She has blue sleep eyes, original honey blonde ponytail wig, with bangs, and is wearing her original outfit, tagged: Vogue Dolls, Inc on the pants, she has her original black sandal high heel shoes, with rhinestone trim, and matching earring (one earring is gone). Circa 1957 $125.00

cllkba.jpg (31879 bytes) 12 1/2" Kathe Kruse baby doll, with her original paper tag, and clothing. She has painted brown eyes, and painted hair. She is jointed at the head, arms, and legs. Marked: IV on the back of her head, and 31 on the back of her body. She is wearing her original long stockings, that tie around her ankles, printed shirt, and matching hat. $350.00

8" Indian girl, by Madame Alexander. Bent Knees, all original clothing, and papoose (missing shoes), booklet dated 1966.

14usahp.jpg (103580 bytes) 14" All original hard plastic strung doll, with blue sleep eyes, full lashes, rosy cheeks, and an open mouth, with tongue, and teeth. Marked: Made in USA on her back. She is wearing her original "Skating" outfit, of red courderoy, complete with maribu trim on her hat, center snap shoes, and holding her skates. Circa 1950's $250.00

14" Betsy McCall doll, with a soft vinyl head, and hard plastic body and limbs. Marked "McCall Corp" on the back of her head, and "P-90" on her back. She has brown sleep eyes, and is wearing her original dress. There are no splits in the plastic, and all her lashes are there. She has a nice full wig. Made by Ideal Toy Corp., Circa 1950's $125.00

9" Cisette, by Madame Alexander. She has jointed knees, blue sleep eyes, slight pink coloring. Her dress is original, and tagged : "Cisette Madame Alexander New York, NY USA." She is wearing her original silver heeled shoes, and stockings. The dress is yellowed with age, and has not been laundered. Circa 1961  $225.00

plastic1a.jpg (77653 bytes)

1950's hard plastic Walt Disney's Cinderella doll MIB, by the Duchess Doll Corp. the box measures 10 1/2" x 9 1/2", and is marked on box: "Walt Disney's Cinderella" #737 Duchess Doll Corp Jackson Heights, LI, NY. The doll itself is 7" tall with blue sleep eyes. She is wearing her original white satin dress, with gold embellishments, including a gold shoe around her right wrist.


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