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Vinyl Dolls

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18" Vintage Posy Pixi doll, by Vogue Doll Inc. Malden, Mass.  She has a vinyl head and hands, with soft body, dark sleep eyes, and rooted hair.  She has the cutest "pixie" face!  Comes with her wrist tag, and poem about her antics, and is in her original box. Mint! Never played with, never on display (box cover is faded and worn from storage).  Circa 1964

17" Miss Peep all vinyl baby doll, made by the Cameo Doll Co. She is a Newborn baby doll, with hinged arms, and inset blue eyes. Complete in her blanket, and still has her plastic sleeve to keep her clean. Mint in her original box! ( I took her out for the first time to photograph her).  Circa 1962 $195.00

11" Vintage EFFANBEE vinyl girl doll, all original, and dressed as a "Camp Fire Girl".  She comes in hr original dark green (unmarked) box, has sleep eyes, rooted hair, and original clothing, including wrist tag.  Mint in her original box! Circa 1964 $195.00

15" All vinyl vintage baby doll, by H J Blumberg Co. New York.  Mint in her orignal box, with rooted hair, wrist tag, and holding her own bottle!  Circa 1964 $125.00

11 1/2" Vintage jointed doll, with painted eyes, and auburn hair, called Dollikin, she has 14 movable joints!  Made by Uneeda Doll Co. Mint in her box, she has never been removed.  Circa 1969 $195.00

15" Tall, PTL Susie Moppet Doll, with vinyl head, and cloth body.  She has a battery voice box (batteries not included) that will say various religious statements.  She was promoted by the PTL Club Jim Bakker program, and is signed on her back by Tammy Faye Bakker. Mint in the original box. Circa1985 $95.00
17" Vintage all vinyl Poor Pitiful Pearl doll, made by Horsman Inc., after a comic strip character created by William Steig. The doll ha blue sleep eyes, rooted blonde hair, and comes with her own storybook. She is an Irene Szor design. Circa 1963   Price: $295.00

15" Vinyl Little Miss No Name by Hasbro.  She has rooted blonde hair, inset large soulful amber eyes, and a single tear. She is all original, wearing her sackcloth burlap dress, with patches, and cotton undies.  Circa 1965 $195.00
Vintage vinyl head, and cloth body Peppermint Pattie doll, with painted features. Mint, in the original box, with cellophane seal still in place.  One of the Candy Babies, made by Hasbro, in co-operation with "Peppermint Pattie" candy. Circa 1972 $150.00
9" Vintage vinyl Pepper doll, by Ideal. Tammy's Little Sister! Blonde, and mint in the original box # 9400-3, including booklet, plastic still over her head, box insert and tissue paper. Circa 1964 $195.00
Vintage (hard to find) set of Jane and Michael from Walt Disney Productions Mary Poppins movie. Mint, in the original box. Made by Horsman Dolls, both dolls are vinyl.  Circa 1964 $225.00
7" Vinyl Dancing Dawn (middle doll) and her best friend Dancing Longlocks, all mint in their original boxes, with cellophane, and no green on their faces or legs. Made by Topper. Circa 1970

* Please Note: Middle doll and doll on the right are sold

11" Vintage vinyl Pippi Longstocking doll, by Horsman #8811, mint in her original box.  She was designed by Irene Szor, after the Pippi character, made famous in books and movies, by author Astrid Lindgren.  Circa 1970's $195.00
8 1/2" Vinyl Janie doll, marked: Fluffy Made in USA on the back of her head. She has blue sleep eyes, molded long curls, and painted hair. Wearing her original "bunny" pj's. In her original box, marked: Exclusive with W.T. Grant Co. Circa 1959 $195.00
10 1/2" Vintage all vinyl Little Miss Revlon doll, by Ideal. Marked: Ideal Doll VT - 10 1/2. She has blue sleep eyes, molded and painted lashes, closed mouth, red lipstick, and matching fingernail and toenail polish. She has pierced ears, (with original pearl drop earrings) and rooted light blonde hair, done in the original ponytail hairdo set. Her clothing is all original and her dress is tagged: Ideal Toy Corp. Hollis, N.Y. She has a swivel waist (works well) and high-heeled feet, with original stockings, and shoes. There is a tiny dot of red below her left knee (which happens as the vinyl ages). Circa 1959
8" Vintage hard plastic head, and vinyl body Little Genius by Madame Alexander.  With blonde hair, blue sleep eyes, molded lashes, and rosy cheeks. (Any white areas on the face are a camera flash reflection and not on the doll) In the original box, # 700. Comes with: bonnet, bottle, panties, diaper, socks, matching coat with bonnet and long Christening dress. There is light soil from age, (because the clothing has never been washed). Circa 1956-1962 $275.00
18" Vintage vinyl Carolle Company Doll, named "Adelle" by artist Catherine Rafabert. Made in France exclusively for the toy store FAO Schwarz. Note: the Schwarz logo red hobby horses embroidered on her dress. Mint in the original box. Circa 1992
12" Vintage vinyl Judy Littlechap, by Remco # 1100. Mint in the original box (box is worn) Circa 1963 $125.00
14 1/2" Vintage vinyl Dr John Littlechap #1400, of the Littlechap family. Mint in the original box (box worn) Circa 1963 $125.00
10 1/2" Vintage vinyl Libby Littlechap, #1300, by Remco. Mint in the original box (box has wear). Circa 1963 $125.00
13 1/2" Vintage vinyl Lisa Littlechap by Remco, #1200. Mint in the original box ( box is worn) Circa 1963 $125.00
10" Vintage all vinyl teenage doll, marked: P (in a circle) on the back of her head. She has blue sleep eyes, molded lashes, and rooted dark blonde hair, in a ponytail style, with bangs. She has a swivel waist (like the Miss Revlon dolls) and molded high heel feet, with painted nails. Her clothing is all original. Circa 1959 $65.00
16" Vinyl Baby Doll, with rooted curly dark blonde hair, blue sleep eyes, full lashes, marked: American Character 1956 on the back of her neck. She has her original pink nightgown, and is in her original pink bunting, with ribbon tires. Circa 1956 $195.00
14" Vintage vinyl Furga doll, with brunette hair, and sleep blue eyes, named "Carola" # 4352. Made in Italy by Furga, she is all original, and mint in the original box.  Circa 1970
14" Vintage limited edition vinyl Patsy 86 doll, by Effanbee. Mint in her original box, # 4101 with certificate, she is in a limited edition of 7500, made only in 1986. Wearing her original blue and white checked dress. Circa 1986 $125.00

3" Wishnik Troll dolls by Uneeda. Mint in their original boxes. "Love Nik" in red with heart, and "Lucky Nik" with cards.  Never played with, with all the wishes intact for the new owner!   Made of vinyl, with inset eyes, and soft hair. Circa 1983 $55.00
9" Vintage vinyl baby doll, with rooted blonde hair, blue sleep eyes, and rosy cheeks. She has her original heart shaped wrist tag, which reads: I am Babykin an Effanbee Durable Doll. She is all original, and also comes with a bottle, sandpail, and is in her original box # 2170. Circa 1968 $150.00
16" Unusual vintage black vinyl doll, with brown sleep eyes, full inset lashes, molded, painted hair, done in a ponytail, and attached red hair bow. She is all original, dressed in her yellow print cotton shirtwaist, and red vinyl shoes. Her head is vinyl, her body is "magic skin" that has not deteriorated!  She is unmarked, and has no wrist tag, but she is in her original pink and white box marked # 1927. Probably made by Horsman. Circa 1959 $175.00
15" Vintage Upsy Dazy doll, by Ideal. Mint in her original box, with instructions, and cellophane still around her head.  She has a vinyl head, rooted blonde hair, painted features, vinyl arms, with a soft body. When you hold her arms, you can make her tumble, no batteries needed!  Circa 1973 $95.00
10" Vinyl Jan doll, by Vogue Doll Co. She has blue sleep eyes, molded lashes, and brunette ponytail. Marked VOGUE on the back of her head. Very stylish in her two piece shorts outfit. She is in her original box, also marked Vogue # 5011. Circa 1958
12" Vinyl Sasha Baby Boy, holding a white bird, # 508, with brown hair, and painted brown eyes, he is in his original wicker basket. He is all original, with wrist tag, and is in his original box. Marked: Made in England Trendon Limited Stockport, England.  Circa 1980-1986
11 1/2" Vintage vinyl doll, named: Maddie Mod, made by Princess Grace Doll Co. NY. She has a Barbie style body, with turn-around waist, is mint in her original box. Also, with her are 2 mint in box outfits: "Carnaby Courderoy", and "Riding Habbit", included in one of the boxes is her "Brides Dream" outfit. Circa 1968 $150.00
14" Vintage all vinyl Toni doll, by American Character Doll and Toy Company. She has a swivel waist, blue sleep eyes, full, thick eyelashes, coral lipstick, and rooted dark blonde hair, in the original set, with rose decoration. She is all original, including bra, slip, seamed stockings, silver heels, dark rose nylon and black velvet dress, with matching stole, and rhinestone brooch, and matching dangle rhinestone earrings. Never played with, and not faded, her cheek color is excellent. There is a small dark spot on her upper right vinyl arm (in back) that is covered by her stole. Circa 1958
Vintage mini vinyl Summer Flatsy collection of three 2 1/2" size dolls, including black doll, with long hair, a redhead, and blonde." They're flat - and that's that!" Never removed from their box, enclosed set with 3 framed dolls, and still with the original plastic in place. Made by Ideal Toy Corp. Circa 1969 $150.00
8" Vinyl Ginny dolls, from: "far-away lands" series. The dolls are all vinyl, with painted features, rooted hair, and are dressed in costumes representing various countries. I have: Dutch Girl, Polish Girl, English Girl, and Italian Girl. Made by Lesney, a subsidiary of Vogue Dolls, Inc. All are mint, in the original boxes. Circa 1977 $95.00

11" Vinyl posable Dollikin Doll, with brunette hair, and painted eyes. She has 14 posable joints. Made by Uneeda. All original, mint in her original box. Circa 1960's $195.00
17" Effanbee Doll Corp. limited edition vinyl lady doll, named: "Madison Park". She is all original, with painted brown eyes, and is dressed as a lady from New York City, at the turn of the century. She is a limited edition doll # 7985. Mint, in her original Effanbee box. (box not shown)  Produced in 1985. $175.00
8" Vinyl Ginny dolls, with sleep eyes, and jointed bodies. Dressed in various costumes, mint in their original boxes. Made by Lesney, a subsidiary of Vogue Dolls, Inc. Circa 1978 $35.00
21" Vintage  vinyl doll, with blue sleep eyes, and rooted bright red hair, one piece body, and swivel neck. She is all original, including her cardboard hanging wrist tag marked: Uneeda. Circa 1950's $125.00
9" Vintage vinyl, boy and girl twin dolls, with red rooted hair, sleep eyes, jointed bodies, and all original clothing. Marked Horsman. Circa 1960's $125.00
14" Black vinyl baby doll, named: Bon Bon, with molded hair, sleep eyes, long Christening dress, drinks, and wets. Mint in the original box, by Royal Doll Mfg. Corp. Circa 1960's $195.00
criz.jpg (74485 bytes) 15" Original "Country Fashion Grow Hair Crissy" doll, by Ideal. MIB. Circa 1982 $95.00

sunnf.jpg (107457 bytes) Vintage Mattel "Sunshine Family", complete, and mint in the original box. Circa 1973

winpat.jpg (80209 bytes) 13" Vinyl "Winter Patsy", MIB. Limited Edition, made for Ashton Drake Galleries. Circa 1999 $95.00

mnh.jpg (60991 bytes) 8" Vinyl jointed baby, with blue sleep eyes, and one large forehead curl, with bow. She has her original romper, bottle, and is MIB, still sealed in her original package. Named "Minnette". Circa 1950's $150.00

efwc.jpg (83470 bytes) Vinyl limited edition character doll, by Effanbee, of W.C. Fields. He is mint, in the original box, and was never on display. First in the Legend Series by Effanbee. Circa 1980 $200.00

jore.jpg (62536 bytes)
onnie.jpg (113741 bytes)
6" Vinyl "Connie", one of Dawn's best friends, by Topper. She has painted features, and hold her baton. I don't see any green. All original in her Majorette ouftit, MIB, with wrist tag. Circa 1971 $125.00

74cam.jpg (98854 bytes) 10" Vinyl jointed Kewpie doll by, Cameo. She has painted features, and is all original, wearing her colorful checked PJ's. MIB. Circa 1974 $150.00

candid.jpg (131502 bytes) 18" Vinyl "Candi" fashion doll, by Mego. She has painted features, and comes with makeup, and accessories to change her hair color. She was never removed from her box, until I took her out (carefully) to take her pic! MIB Circa 1979 $150.00

bsee.jpg (69098 bytes) 9" Vinyl "Tearie Betsy Wetsy", by Ideal #1130-4,MIB. Her left arm is a bit yellowed from age. She comes with her diaper, and bottle. Circa 1967 $150.00

fbpat.jpg (57656 bytes) 16 1/2" Vinyl 1976 Effanbee Doll Co. Limited Edition Doll Club Patsy doll. Number 4/15/76 #137.She is mint in her original box, with her original certificate. $225.00

gspai.jpg (88208 bytes) 8" Vinyl Spanish Ginny doll, by Vogue, MIB. $125.00

gscan.jpg (86765 bytes) 8" Vinyl Scandinavian Ginny doll, by Vogue, MIB Circa 1969 $125.00

grus.jpg (75524 bytes) 8" Vinyl Russia Ginny doll, by Vogue, MIB "Far Away Lands" Circa 1969 $125.00

ggerm.jpg (83232 bytes) 8" Vinyl Germany Ginny doll, by Vogue, MIB. Circa 1969 $125.00

gpol.jpg (38192 bytes) 8" Vinyl painted eye Polish Girl Ginny, by Lesney (formerly Vogue), MIB Circa 1980 $95.00

tress.jpg (68779 bytes) Vinyl Tressy, by American Character Doll Co.# 1200.With painted features, and rooted hair that "grows". She is Mint, in her original box. Circa $125.00

etbb.jpg (88913 bytes) Vintage vinyl doll, by Horsman, of Elizabeth Taylor, from the 20th Century Fox Film Corp movie "The Bluebird." She has painted features, and rooted hair. The three outfits portray: Matternal Love, Witch, and Light. (the broom is loose). Designed by Irene Szor. In the original box, never removed, some dust because the plastic cover is loose. $195.00

breng.jpg (66414 bytes) Vinyl Go Go by Topper, with painted features, named "Brenda Brush", she comes with all her painting accessories! MIB. $55.00

micke.jpg (75306 bytes) 11" Mickey, the "All American Boy", by Effanbee. He is vinyl, with painted features, and molded, painted sailor hat. He is mint in his original box, dressed as a Sailor # 725.Circa 1956 $175.00

rwspsa.jpg (74023 bytes) 12" Vinyl Kuddly Kewpie by Cameo Doll products, Strombecker. Press her stomach and she "coos". She is wearing her original clothing, with side snap satin shoes. Mint in her original box, with the wrist tag. $160.00

tbuff.jpg (66677 bytes) 10" Mattel 1968 "Talking Buffy, and Mrs. Beasley", from the TV sitcom "Family Affair". Buffy no longer speaks, but her pull string is still there. The plastic is still intact around the box. Buffy and Mrs. Beasley have never removed from the box. $350.00

4woz.jpg (31639 bytes) 1974 Emerald City Playset, mint in the original box, with 8" wizard, by Mego. $225.00

idream.jpg (26436 bytes) 6" Vinyl "I Dream of Jeannie", doll, from the TV series, she is a character doll of actress Barbara Eden. Mint in the original box. All vinyl, with painted features. Circa $95.00

14" Betsy McCall doll, with a soft vinyl head, and hard plastic body and limbs. Marked "McCall Corp" on the back of her head, and "P-90" on her back. She has brown sleep eyes, and is wearing her original dress. There are no splits in the plastic, and all her lashes are there. She has a nice full wig. Made by Ideal Toy Corp., Circa 1950's $225.00

vinyl1a.jpg (61237 bytes)
vinyl1b.jpg (51640 bytes)

8" Vinyl Kewpie doll by Cameo. Fully jointed with painted features. She has her original 2 piece red outfit, original wrist tag and original clear plastic box with floral decoration. She is mint in box!


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